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SEA FARE: A Chef’s Journey Across the Ocean

SEA FARE: A Chef’s Journey Across the Ocean is the delicious memoir of Victoria Allman, a young Canadian chef who joins a yacht and travels the world experiencing exotic foods and cultures, finding love along the way. Filled with colorful characters and food-driven escapades this unique story is a look at the glamorous and adventurous life called yachting.

Imagine traveling the world aboard a yacht; buying fish from an olive-skinned Italian wrinkle of a man with rough hands and forearms that bulge like Popeye’s.

Imagine landing a fish in Hemingway’s Key West when your rod bends like a bow and the hiss of the reel whirls out of control.

Imagine slurping the thick, sweet pulp of a mango right off the tree with the excess juice dripping down your chin.

Picture swimming with dolphins that circle you like a carousel in the pure azure waters of the Caribbean.

Travel up a muddy river past wide-eyed, crusty-nosed children with bloated bellies into the center of Papua New Guinea to barter for bananas among women with breasts sagging to their bellies and bones poked through their lips.

Visualize snorkeling through the Bombay-colored shallows of the South Pacific to hunt one of the world’s deadliest creatures for dinner, led by a Tahitian man with dark tribal tattoos of tikis, turtles, and rays wrapping around his bicep and stretching down his muscular calves.

Imagine pitching back and forth in monstrous swells and raging seas during a tropical storm.

If this appeals to you set a course for adventure and order a copy of SEA FARE: A Chef’s Journey Across the Ocean.


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