SEA Fare

SEA FARE: A Chef’s Journey Across the Ocean

 SEA FARE: A Chef’s Journey Across the Ocean is the delicious memoir of Victoria Allman, a young Canadian chef who joins a yacht and travels the world experiencing exotic foods and cultures, finding love along the way. Filled with colorful characters and food-driven escapades this unique story is a look at the glamorous and adventurous life called yachting.

Imagine traveling the world aboard a yacht; buying fish from an olive-skinned Italian wrinkle of a man with rough hands and forearms that bulge like Popeye’s.

Imagine landing a fish in Hemingway’s Key West when your rod bends like a bow and the hiss of the reel whirls out of control.

Imagine slurping the thick, sweet pulp of a mango right off the tree with the excess juice dripping down your chin.

Picture swimming with dolphins that circle you like a carousel in the pure azure waters of the Caribbean.

Travel up a muddy river past wide-eyed, crusty-nosed children with bloated bellies into the center of Papua New Guinea to barter for bananas among women with breasts sagging to their bellies and bones poked through their lips.

Visualize snorkeling through the Bombay-colored shallows of the South Pacific to hunt one of the world’s deadliest creatures for dinner, led by a Tahitian man with dark tribal tattoos of tikis, turtles, and rays wrapping around his bicep and stretching down his muscular calves.

Imagine pitching back and forth in monstrous swells and raging seas during a tropical storm.

If this appeals to you set a course for adventure and order a copy of SEA FARE: A Chef’s Journey Across the Ocean.

When she isn’t catching fish on hidden islands, immersing herself in fascinating cultures, like Papua, New Guinea, or hanging out with colorful characters, she is serving up the most amazing meals...and sharing her recipes and secrets. Victoria Allman is as good a writer as she is a cook. I loved reading the book. I wish I could have eaten it.

Sea Fare serves up a plate full of enthralling stories and delectable recipes giving readers a taste of what it’s like to stand in the flip-flops of a mega-yacht chef, in all of its exotic and harrowing glory.
The Crew Report

Her story is personally infused with her very human doubts, triumphs and joys. Clearly written, Sea Fare includes 30 simple, fresh recipes and while reading it, I felt like I’d taken a trip myself.
The Urban Coaster

Chef Victoria Allman became hooked on travel following a trip to the Bahamas more than 10 years ago. Since that time she’s caught, sautéed, simmered and served her way through the Caribbean, Mediterranean, North America, Europe, Africa, and the South Pacific from Australia to Tahiti. Sea Fare – a Chef’s Journey Across the Ocean is her travel memoir of food, lust, finding true love and high seas adventure.

Acting on wanderlust breeds fantastic discoveries. Making it a lifestyle puts dreams into reality. In Sea Fare, Victoria presents a global collage of unscripted culinary experience that offers the reader an honest portrayal in the school of life.
Chef David Shalleck, author of MEDITERRANEAN SUMMER

Allman’s recipe is equal parts foodie-centric, glamour and adventure, making for a delightful literary repast. Seabourn Club Herald Part memoir, part romance, part travelogue and part cookbook. Anyone who enjoys travel writing and exotic cuisine will love Sea Fare.
The Key West Citizen